Sunday, February 17, 2013

I needed to get a birthday gift for the attorney I work with but couldn't think of anything to get him.  I decided to attempt making my first snack bouquet.  I guess it turned out pretty decent.  He loved it.  He said he sent a pic of it to his girlfriend so she could see what he got and she was impressed.

Items needed to make a snack bouquet:

Snacks/candy bars
Small dowel rod (I used wooden skewer sticks)
Glue gun*
Curling Ribbon
Coffee mug or other container
Styrofoam block

If you are using a clear container you might want to use a piece of tissue paper to
hide the styrofoam which is why I used the tissue paper in the one in the picture.

*for the Cheez-Its and cookies I used a clear, wide sealing tape instead
of the glue gun to attach the item to the stick.

1 comment:

  1. That's really cute and a great idea...

    I made a Reese's Bouquet for Tony's 50th Birthday Party - He loved (and devoured) it!