Saturday, April 11, 2015

Goddess Dress Parties

For weeks, maybe months, I watched as my friend, Kari, posted pics of cute, comfy, stylish dresses that she was selling for $20.   She was a new goddess (aka rep) for a company out of Topeka, KS, called Goddess Dress Parties.    I finally got brave and asked if she would consider driving over an hour and a half to hold a party for me.  She said yes, so after weeks of trying to get our calendars lined up and finding a place to hold the party I had my first Goddess Dress Parties party at my friend's coffee shop.  

After that day, I knew I was hooked and if I wanted very many of these comfy dresses I would have to find a way to come up with the money to join the team and become a goddess, which I did the next month.

As a goddess we do home parties where we bring a rack with 100+ free-sized dresses and accessories, all available for immediate purchase for the amazing low price of $20 (plus tax).  The parties are fun and pressure-free.   There are no formal presentations, demos or high pressure sales pitches.      Our inventory changes with every party we do so we are unable to offer online sales.  Also, we do not know what items are being sent to us when we get a new inventory shipment from the warehouse so it's like Christmas every time a new shipment arrives. 

    This picture was my set up at my very first home party.

The following pics are some of the dresses that I have in my inventory.