Thursday, June 10, 2010

Not doing to good....

Well my attempt at the book review was a flop so I thought I would blog about my crafting. As you can see I haven't done well blogging about that either. It's easier for me to post pics of items I have made rather than writing so I will do just that.....

In February of this year I decided to try selling my items at a craft show. I considered my first two shows as being successful since I at least made my entry fee back plus a little profit. However, my third show was a total disaster. I don't think it had anything to do with the items I was selling or the economy, I believe it was due to failure on the coordinator's part to advertise the event. My display setup is a work in progress; after each (profitable) show I try to add something new.

It's hard to see what items are on the table but they are hand towels, embroidered toilet paper, hot/cold corn therapy bags and baby (knit) cocoon wraps. The small baskets hanging on the grid panel contain key rings and travel size tissue holders.
Here are a couple of pics that my daughter-in-law took of my booth at the last show:

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